Everything and a Happy Ending

About the Book

Everything and a Happy Ending is a true labor of love and the real result of my choice to share my story about three interconnected relationships. Each played a powerful role and was right and perfect for the meant to be times in my life we co-created, all the while being watched over and guided by the higher power my faith assures me is always with us as we venture through our human life.  

My memoir is a full circle journey about learning how to real-ly trust, how to “thine own self be true,” and then the real and true love it led me ‘round back to.

It’s a story about how the power of love helped flip learned pessimism, reacting in reflex, and running from fears into choosing optimism, trusting intuition, and rising above my fears. We read, hear, and sing it all the time in prose, poetry, song lyrics, and the screenplays that make it to the big screen, “All you need is love!” That flipping ultimately helped me change my life at a time when I feel many of us women of a certain age have begun to get very afraid we could ever make new choices, or take new paths as we’re pressured to stay put, and stay chained to choices we made earlier in our lives that may no longer feel very right or perfect at all. 

It’s been a challenging six years since my dad’s passing was the catalyst for my choice to embark on a transition that would create a new ending for my story. It was daunting at times as my children watched me babystep and struggle to stay true to my intention to stop accepting my old life after making a choice to finally go “all-in” in a new one, a life where it doesn’t really matter to me if everybody loves me. What’s most important to me now is that I love me. I stayed committed to my intentions though, and with my dad’s help, emerged at a happier place in my life. While still complicated and difficult in some important areas, I feel more at peace inside than I’ve ever felt. Everything and a Happy Ending shares the story of how I transformed my own ordinary life and then was able to reach out and help an old, special friend transform his life in a most fantastical way.

“Tia brilliantly puts into words her self-transformations—like a cocoon and a butterfly just bursting through and spreading its wings … Even after reviewing this genre of books for almost two decades, this reviewer looked forward every night to spending time on Tia’s journey as though I were right there with her … So much love is put into each page, every chapter, the entire package is truly filled with the aroma of raw love … in all its forms, disguises, and expressions … She is bold, yet she’s humble … Her subtle yet bold processing of transpersonal growth and change become yours, like getting lost in a great movie and projecting oneself onto the lead, the heroine … [She] leaves nothing to the imagination … and I feel [this is the magic that makes her first book so enchanting … She never gives up. May you, the reader, never give up either as you fly freely just like Tia has … This reviewer … [has] learned about self-love just by being willing to take the journey with [her].”

—Dr. Maryel McKinley, PhD, CADCII,
Book Reviewer, Former Host of KABC’s Radio Show “Backtalk,” and host of Optimistic Media: Media with a Message (www.omgmedia.org)

“It’s also about American culture, the risks and challenges of the healthcare system, family relationships, and the spirituality of children, pregnancy and work, shifting energies and values, quests for interpersonal connections, and reaching out to life, publically and privately. The unifying factors to Shurina’s memoir are that it’s wide-ranging and logical, relationship driven, and indicative of the backwards and forwards flows of life itself.”

—Diane Donovan,
Donovan’s Literary Services,

Relations by Zahied Tony Mohammed

by Zahied Tony Mohammed & featured in Everything and a Happy Ending,
3 interconnected circles: my dad, Larry,
and Emilio, each touching a part of me.