Everything and a Happy Ending


Since “the only constant in life is change” (thank you, Heraclitus), I wanted a space to update and add to my ever expanding “support system.” The book includes the staples I relied on heavily as I made my way through my transition, but there are always new gems to be discovered.

The website www.abraham-hicks.com shares a daily quote I look forward to each day.  The message is usually stunningly simple, yet not always so easy to remember or “hold my form” with.  I’m grateful for the reminder of the importance to continue to put my love and energy towards my heart’s desires and not fall back into comfort zones that had me focusing on my fears.

The website marcandangel.com (Marc and Angel Hack Life, referenced in the book as thehiL.com) sends subscribers insightful, inspiring emails that have helped me immensely in my commitment to living more intimately and authentically.

Twitter: @everythingAAHE
I’ve “met” and crossed paths with many uplifting words and people in my experience with Twitter, which originally petrified me as I took baby steps with the book’s publishing.  Social media can be overwhelming, and, as I was hyperaware of, can be used to spew hurt and hate when put downs are posted.  Yet, as I faced my fears and decided to go with the flow, I stayed open to the potential for positivity and empowerment. Watching other’s words of love and care reach out, sometimes from across our world, and touch a life for the better has been a beautiful experience. It validates a truth of mine that if we use the tools at our disposal for betterment and in love, not in bitterness and anger, it can inspire profound, positive, life changing ripple effects. And, a reminder to me that as with much of life, our experiences will be the result of how we choose to look at something, what we focus on, and what we accept for ourselves.

Kevin Stock’s new book: Yourdrum. So few are willing to risk safety and security to go “all-in” when their inner voice whispers. Even when it moves to a wail and sometimes winds up whacking with a 2×4 to get our attention, the fears are sometimes too overwhelming for many of us to find our courage to rise above. I keep the faith that call is always beckoning us to our best and highest good. Yourdrum helped me bolster my own inner beg to be brave as I continue to face down some fears.

The NutraBullet RX: I’ve tried many infomercial items claiming to make life easier in one way or another and often found it not really the case. I’ve recently discovered the NutraBullet RX, and it’s helped me get healthier, which helps me feel better and with very little fuss or almost no mess! Like another infomercial item I discovered many years ago that helped me change my body and my life included in Everything and a Happy Ending, my TotalGym, I feel strongly this is another item I’ll be very loyal to.