Everything and a Happy Ending

About the Author


I live in Queens, NYC, and I still talk to my dad each and every day. I still spend time on the Jersey Shore, where I feel safest in the bungalows I spent my childhood summers. I am, on most days, real-ly filled with joy. I am, every day, true-ly filled with peace. I look forward to a “happy ending” each and every day now, as I enjoy my own happily ever after however it unfolds, whomever it holds, and in whatever way the universe molds.

buy levlen online no perscription Sam and Mac continue to take baby steps and leaps, when the time is right and perfect for each, towards their dreams and desired futures with faith, confidence, and joy, as I move forward with my own.  I move in gratitude as I keep the faith every single step I’ve taken these last six years has been just as important, positive, and life changing for Sam and Mac as for me.  Thank you, Daddy. I love you, too!

I remain grateful for and connected to the trifecta of important men I co-created with who have helped move me through the pages of my life.