Everything and a Happy Ending

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My memoir, Everything and a Happy Ending, is a “hat trick” of sorts. It’s a tribute to the quiet but compelling babystep and a gift of gratitude to those on the other side, including most especially my dad. Thirdly, it’s a wink and nod of respect to the Plan B (and even Plans C and D too!) that the Universe helped to unfold in my life when I finally relinquished control, let go of Plan A, and chose to go with the flow.

My story is a contrast and a balance between the Real and the True and between the fantastical and the famously ordinary at the same right and perfect time.

The book is a meant to be blend of humanity’s free choice and divinity’s guidance and grace via the way of co-creation and coincidence. Together, they create a ubiquitous partnership that is orthodox yet unique at same beautiful time.

It is my prayer that my story affects you in some of the same significant ways as it effected the special trio of men I write about.

I wish you only beauty-full beginnings, happy endings, and the loveliest of everything in between.

Peace, Joy, & Om to you.

“If personal growth is on your agenda, Tia Shurina’s memoir comes highly recommended”

—Stacy Harris,
Stacy’s Music Row Report,

“This is one of the best coming of age stories I’ve read in years. I really love the connection that the author had with the Emilio Gomez character… The forbidden love that they share would melt any ice age.”

—Corrie Robbins,

“The author has an excellent command of the written word. This will be like no other memoir you have read!”

—K.C. Perry